Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home Remedies for Dog Worms

Home remedies for dog worms are sometimes found to be effective in countering the condition. Read on to know more about these remedies.

As in humans, dogs too can be infested with internal parasites that are commonly known as dog worms. In case of dogs, the most common internal parasites are those that infest the digestive system. However, heartworms are also very common in canines and these parasites infest the heart and the blood vessels. But, how to get rid of dog worms? Read on to know some of the commonly used home remedies for dog worms.

Dog Worms Symptoms

There are five types of dog worms that are commonly found to affect them. These include roundworms, hookworms, tapeworm, whipworms and heartworms. The most dangerous among them are heartworms, whereas roundworms and hookworms can spread to other animals and even humans. Roundworms are very common in dogs, as compared to other types. While heartworms in dogs require immediate treatment, others too must be treated, even though fatal complications may not be caused. Some of the home remedies for dog worms are also found to be effective in treating the condition.

Dog worms is a common condition in canines, especially puppies. Symptoms of worms in dogs include loss of hair, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dull coat, dehydration, vomiting, cough, blood in stools, etc. Some dogs may develop pot bellies as a result of worm infestation. While some types of dog worms are visible to the naked eye (may be present in stools and sometimes on fur) , others require microscopic testing. If you want to know how to treat dog worms effectively, then identifying dog worms is very important.

Home Remedies for Dog worms

As mentioned above, identifying the particular worm that has infested the dog is very important to treat the condition successfully. If you notice any of the above said symptoms, take the dog to the vet. In severe cases, these worms will appear in the stools of your pet. Dog worms treatment is always advisable to keep your dog healthy. As dog worms pose no serious complications (except heartworms), some people may refrain from treating the condition. It is always advisable to go for dog worms treatment, if you notice any of the above mentioned dog worms symptoms. Dog worms treatment involves use of a dewormer that may change with the type of parasite. There are various home remedies for dog worms that can be used to get rid of these parasites. The following are some of the commonly used dog worm home remedies.

One of the effective herbal remedies for dog worms is wormwood, which acts as a digestive tonic. The action of this herb results in expulsion of worms and prevents re-infestation.

Garlic is another herb used in the natural treatment for dog worm infestation. It is grated and mixed with fennel, before feeding the dog. It is said that garlic too is good for getting rid of dog worms. Some people mix crushed garlic with cloves and add it to dog food, as dog worms cure.

One of the popular home remedies for dog worms is carrot. While some dogs eat carrots as such, others may be averse to it. If your dog is not interested in having carrots, you can shred carrots and mix it in the dog food.

Some people use cloves to treat dog worms. The anti parasitic properties of cloves are said to be useful in removing dog worms. Even oat bran is said to be effective in expelling dog worms. You have to feed the dog at least two teaspoons of oat bran with every meal.

Adding peppermint and cinnamon to the dog food is also said to work wonders in getting rid of worms. There are various other home remedies for dog worms like, Oregon grapes tincture, diatomaceous earth, etc.

This was about the various home remedies for dog worms. It cannot be said that all of the above said dog worm home remedies may be effective in treating all types of dog worms. While some may be effective in getting rid of roundworms in dogs, others may treat hookworms. So, you have to try and find out the right home remedy that works for your dog. In this venture, you may collect information from experienced people. However, identifying the type of dog worm is a must and immediate treatment should be undertaken in case of heartworms. As prevention is always better than cure, powdered pumpkin seeds can be added (1/4 teaspoon) to the dog food, so as to prevent dog worm infestation.


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  2. worms are more like ticks, meaning they bury their little heads and suck a dog’s blood. They reside mostly in the big intestine. Whipworms are usually tough and can stay alive for a long time.